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Economic Development Services

Financial Incentives: Below is a brief overview of incentive programs that may apply to new businesses. It is our goal to work closely with companies looking to come to the Bottineau area. As part of competitive process of attracting large scale projects, we utilize variety of other incentives such as land use approvals, expedited permits, low […]

Healthy, Vibrant Communities

Bottineau is one of 26 towns across the state chosen to be a Main Street community by the North Dakota Department of Commerce. This designation means we have completed a listening session to hear about some of the opportunities and challenges in our County. We have also issued an official proclamation about becoming a Main […]

Now is the time for action

Bottineau has been designated as a Main Street Community in North Dakota. This means we have access to additional resources, training, networking, strategic planning initiatives and much more. This also means we have rallying cries to unify around. We are committed to being a healthy, vibrant community! We are committed to smart infrastructure! We are […]

Building Bottineau County a 21st Century Workforce

Having motivated and qualified workers in our community is a pillar of the Main Street Program. It’s easy to see why this is elevated as an important goal for communities like ours in North Dakota. Having the right amount of qualified workforce can make or break a community. With the right amount, we all thrive. […]

The Importance of Smart Ideas that Result in Smart Stuff

Trying to wrap your mind around all aspects of infrastructure is a dizzying task. From roads, to buildings, power, pipes, water treatment and culverts, it all counts in the infrastructure column. Part of being a Main Street Community is remembering to ask ourselves how we can make our infrastructure smarter. The word smarter is pretty […]