Top 5 Places to go fishing in Bottineau County

Explore, bond, catch dinner.

With a footprint of more than 1,600 square miles and many lakes, Bottineau County has no shortage of places to explore this summer.

Fishing is a great family activity with the added bonus of giving you time to soak up some Vitamin D (don’t forget the sunscreen). A variety of lakes in the County means a variety of fish. Bottineau County has a wide selection of species from Northern Pike and Walleye to Rainbow Trout and Crappies.

One of the best parts about fishing is as a sport goes, it can be as easy or difficult as you like. Likewise, fishing can be one of the most affordable activities out there, so grab a pole, some bait, and hit the water!

Not sure which lake to try out? The following are 5 great fishing lakes (in no particular order), located in Bottineau County, just minutes from the city of Bottineau and a short drive from most places in the state.


Pelican Lake

This is the deepest lake in Bottineau county with a max depth of up to 30.4’ and an average of 12.2’. It’s accessible by a boat ramp and takes up about 116 square acres. Pelican Lake is well populated with Northern Pike making it a great place to unload your boat for a day trip.

Strawberry Lake

If you’re hoping to catch Trout in the area this is your #1 destination. Strawberry Lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout annually and offers both a boat launch and fishing pier making it a great place to bring the kids.

Lake Metigoshe

This is the largest and probably the busiest lake in Bottineau County. It offers a variety of fish from good sized Walleye and Northern Pike to a range of Bluegill and Crappies. Home to a state park, Lake Metigoshe is a great place to take out the boat and explore new areas.

Long Lake

Long Lake is home to a variety of fish with a max depth of 25.1’ and an average of 13.2’. The lake has a public boat ramp and fish include Bluegill, Walleye, Northern Pike, Perch, and even Largemouth Bass. If you enjoy Perch fishing from a boat this is your place, as the other main Perch offerings don’t have boat launches.

Loon Lake

This is another public lake monitored by the ND Game & Fish. Offerings include a large number or Perch and a rising Walleye population in recent years. There is no public ramp, so join the anglers casting from shore.

With a few unique locations, you will find something special in Bottineau County, whether your niche is trolling with bottom bouncers or casting crankbaits. Check out the North Dakota Game and Fish Department for more information regarding fishing licenses and locations!

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