Now is the time for action

Bottineau has been designated as a Main Street Community in North Dakota. This means we have access to additional resources, training, networking, strategic planning initiatives and much more.

This also means we have rallying cries to unify around. We are committed to being a healthy, vibrant community! We are committed to smart infrastructure! We are committed to building a workforce for the next generation!

To really see success as a community we need more than just a solid, scientifically-proven rallying cry. We need you.

We need residents to look around their home, street, school, town and county and find ways to help everyone move forward. We need people who can commit their skills, ideas and energy to the community.

As a Main Street community we have access to training for leaders to make effective strategic plans, but the best plans fail without action. Our leaders and the Bottineau EDC are committed to taking action, but that alone is not enough to sustain the effort. Residents of all ages and abilities can, and we hope, would be willing to take action. That is where the real momentum stems from.

Our community gains positive momentum when someone steps up to chair a volunteer organization, or offers their tractor driving skills for a parade. We all benefit when people support the Library or buy from local businesses. From small gifts of time supporting your church, to dedicating your life to public education, every action has an impact.

Communities that find ways to support the people within and around their home find sustained success. We can find that success and build momentum to make our Main Street goals a reality.  If you would like to learn more about ways and places you can volunteer in Bottineau County contact the Bottineau EDC.

Whitney Gonitzke is the Executive Director of the Bottineau County Economic Development Corporation and can be reached or at 701-228-3922