FT Year Round Administrative Team Lead @ Lake Metigoshe State Park

We are looking for a team player!

This position oversees the business and administrative operations of the park which include revenue collection & management, facility rentals, budget tracking, data collection, hiring support and reporting.

The Administrative Team Lead supports a seasonal staff to facilitate the business operations and front-line customer service during the camping season. Quality customer service is something our visitors expect and is at the forefront of all park activities.

Throughout the year, the Administrative Team Lead will manage the functionality of the Visitor Centers park office, to ensure supplies and materials are ordered and stocked for efficient office operation.  Administrative Team Lead duties are constantly changing and adapting to the needs of the park and its visitors throughout the seasons of the year.

Applicant must have ability to work nights, weekends and holidays when need arises. To view full announcement and/or apply for the position, please visit https://bit.ly/APPLYLMSP. Announcement closes 9/17.