Full Time EMT / Bottineau Ambulance Service

Reports to shift supervisor. Operates an emergency medical vehicle.

Lifts, carries, and transports injured, sick or incapacitated persons from residential or accident scenes to medical facilities.

Provides emergency medical treatment to injured, sick, or incapacitated persons.

Communicates with professional medical personnel at emergency treatment facility to obtain instructions regarding treatment and to arrange for reception of victims at medical treatment facilities.

Obtains information from persons involved, examines victims, and determines nature, extent, or magnitude of illness or injury to establish emergency medical procedures to be followed or need for additional assistance.

Administers prescribed first-aid treatment at site of emergency or in specially equipped vehicle according to established medical protocols.

Applies splints; administers oxygen or artificial resuscitation; treats and bandages wounds or abrasions; and performs other basic life support procedures.

Stabilizes, immobilizes, lifts, and moves victims from scene of accident.

Operates a specially equipped emergency medical vehicle in an assigned geographic area to respond to accidents or catastrophes and to transport injured or ill persons to a medical facility. Inspects specific equipped emergency vehicle; cleans equipment to ensure its safe operation; and replenishes medical supplies, fuel, and fluids.

Maintains ambulance station and EMS equipment participate in training and daily duties.

EMT Qualifications / Skills:

  • Read, write, and communicate professionally and effectively with employees and managers
  • Write simple correspondence or reports
  • Effectively present information in one-on-one and small group situations to other employees and/or managers
  • Knowledge of company protocols, operational procedures, and safety policies
  • Knowledge of methods and techniques for providing on-site emergency medical services 
  • $14.50 – $21.00 an hour 

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