Survival of the Fittest

August 30-September 1

9pm Survival Basics
Make your way to the amphitheater to learn some survival basics. From making shelters to learning what is safe to eat and tying knots, no outdoor enthusiast goes anywhere without these skills!

2pm Dakota Explorers: FIRE
How do I make a fire outdoors? What can I use to start my fire? How do I stay safe around fire? Join us at the amphitheater to get fired up!

8pm Survivor: LMSP Edition
Test your survival skills at the Aspen Shelter near the beach to see who is a true survivor!

2pm Total Team
Join us at the beach playground to build up your team skills. Teamwork is the key to any survival situation!

This is the last weekend for our regular weekend programming. Thanks to those that attended our programs and visited us this summer, making it yet another great season at the lake!

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