Hands Across the Border

Hands Across the Border… Saturday, July 20, 2019

Hosted by Manitoba Geocaching Association, North Dakota Geocaching Association and The International Peace Garden

Coordinates: 49 0’16” N 100 4’6” W


“The International Peace Garden has helped to celebrate the peace and friendship between the people of Canada and the United States of America for more than 85 years…”

And what a perfect place for a gathering of two international geocaching communities! The Manitoba Geocaching Association, the North Dakota Geocaching Association and The International Peace Garden invite you to join us in “Hands Across the Border” – a geocaching event linking caching friends in two countries inspired by a challenge issued by the “Hands Across the Border” event between BC and Washington state held earlier this year.


WHEN: SATURDAY, JULY 20, 2019 11:00AM to 1:00PM

WHERE: Maple Picnic Area, Manitoba Women’s Institute Picnic Shelter, International Peace Gardens (#14 on map below)

11:00AM – Meet and greet at GZ with activities planned by MBGA and NDGCA

12:00 PM – Lunch – MBGA and NDGCA will supply and bbq hot dogs on a grill, and will provide condiments. Geocachers: please bring a side, a salad or a dessert for a potluck to be shared with the group. (Group photo before lunch?)

Geocachers… please bring: A side/salad/dessert for the PotLuck lunch; your own beverages (There are hand pumps in some picnic areas, and a water refill station at the Interpretive Centre), chairs and/or a blanket to sit on.

We are hoping to place some “international caches” for release on the day of the event to enable people to find caches in two countries on the same day without leaving the country… pretty cool! The IPG are also hoping to release some new caches for the summer so there will be caching fun available in The Gardens.

Entry and Return Requirements/Procedures at the United States and Canadian Border Crossings:

Entry fee: $20 per vehicle. (Per vehicle whether there is one person, or six, still $20 so please car pool, if you can. It will save you money!)

Prior to arriving at the gate entrance to the International Peace Garden, visitors will drive past the USA Port of Entry or the Canadian Port of Entry. You are no longer in either of these two countries. Departing the International Peace Garden, a stop is required at the Port of Entry, of the country you wish to enter. Border Services requires and records identification on all vehicle passengers. A passport (or Nexus card) is the preferred document and expedites the process however, a birth certificate and government issued ID can be used instead of a passport. The International Peace Garden does not mandate the identification requirements. To see a map of entry location: https://www.peacegarden.com/contact/

Camping is available in the Gardens (see website: https://www.peacegarden.com), and also in nearby campgrounds (eg Adam’s, Max and Williams Lakes)

There are picnic areas, playgrounds, hiking trails, and bike paths to explore the 2,339 acres that encompass the IPG.

Credit: International Peace Garden Website: https://www.peacegarden.com

Map of the Peace Gardens: https://www.peacegarden.com/wp-content/uploads/pamphlet-map.jpg