Dirty Turtle Gravel Grinder Bike Race @ Carbury Dam


Apr 27, 2019

🐢 SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2020. 🐢

Due to the current circumstances, we will be postponing the 2020 Dirty Turtle until the above date.

A few things to understand:
-If you have already registered you will have three options at this point.

1. You can simply transfer your registration AND. t-shirt order to the September date.

2. Transfer your registration AND t-shirt order to the 2021 Dirty Turtle event (will be held on Saturday, May 1)

3. IF YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT MAKE EITHER DATE WORK we will reimburse your entry. Please understand that we are eating the registration fee on reimbursements, so try to make another date work if at all possible.

I will be sending out an email to all registered within the next day on instructions of how to let us know which decision you would like to go with.

I know you were all excited to get out on your bikes this spring, but you will now be able to have the opportunity to experience the beautiful Turtle Mountains in the fall of the year.

We will continue to keep you up to date on any changes to come. If you have any questions, contact us. We hope you all continue to stay safe and healthy this spring!